About | QATARV2X


QATARV2X project is the brand name of a three years R&D project funded by Qatar National Research Funding (QNRF) agency in the 9th cycle of its funding program NPRP. The project is officially titled: “Q-V2X-FOT: The Qatar Connected Vehicles Program: from POC to Large-Scale FOT” and registered at QNRF under the number NPRP8-2459-1-482. This project started officially on February 10, 2016, and will last for three years.

QATARV2X comes to complet QMIC’s roadmap toward making Qatar one of the first countries to deploy Connected Vehicles. Indeed, we have spent considerable research and development efforts in the last years working on Connected Vehicles to enable next generation of road safety, and our efforts were partially supported by QNRF through the funding of different NPRP projects in the same area such as CopITS (NPRP09-811-2-308), CellCar (NPRP5-1080-1-186), CosMob (NPRP5-1272-1-214) and SafeITS (NPRP-7-1113-1-199).

The focus of QATARV2X project will be on the development, city-wide deployment, testing, and optimization of technologies and applications of Connected Vehicles in/for Qatar. The objectives include:

  1. suggest technologies and radio frequencies for experimentation and evaluation,
  2. optimize the systems and applications, and customize them according to local drivers experience and background,
  3. collect, process, secure, and store collected big data, and
  4. contribute in setting-up national and regional guidance, policies, and regulations.