QATARV2X | Enable Connected Vehicles


The focus areas and objectives of this R&D project include, but not limited to:

Applications Selection

Selection of applications and scenarios that will be implemented and tested during the pilot phase. The focus will be more on road safety and traffic efficiency applications.

Requirements & Specifications

Definition of system requirements, and matching them to system components and inter-component interface specifications, and development of test plans and procedures.

System Development

Development of the specifications, to provide all the components needed for conducting the pilot as per the plan.

Integration & Deployment

Integration of the different implemented and hardware components, then do the deployment on the field and get ready for the testing.

Data Collection

Collect data (big data) from the test field (from both OBUs and RSUs) either through both real-time and offline mechanisms.

Deployment Recommendations

Based on all conducted tests and gathered data and results, a report will be prepared and shared with related stakeholders.

Latest Updates

Please follow us the bellow latest news related to our project and Connected Vehicles activities in Qatar

ByDr. Hamid Menouar Apr 17, 2018

Toyota and Lexus to Launch Technology to Connect Vehicles and Infrastructure in the U.S. in 2021

Imagine a world where vehicles could ‘talk’ to each other and to the surrounding environment to help keep their drivers and their passengers

ByDr. Hamid Menouar Apr 17, 2018

Toyota Has Big Plans To Get Cars Talking To Each Other And Infrastructure In The U.S.

After well over a decade of development a tentative step by General Motors in 2017, vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications might finally get som

ByDr. Hamid Menouar Jun 29, 2017

With the aim of increasing safety in road traffic, Volkswagen will enable vehicles to communicate with each other as from 2019

From 2019 on, Volkswagen will start fitting the first models with pWLAN technology Information on traffic risks arising at short notice wi

ByDr. Hamid Menouar Mar 10, 2017

V2V Safety Technology Now Standard on Cadillac CTS Sedans

Cadillac introduces Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) communications this month in the CTS performance sedan, beginning with 2017 interim model year cars